The National Microelectronics Applications Centre (MAC), (, was established in 1981, by the Irish Government, to provide consultancy and complete innovative development and exploitation of electronic, software and e-business/e-government citizen participation technological solutions.
MAC is an SME with a 34 year track record of delivering to tight schedules with industry, SMEs and public agencies to assess and assist entrepreneurial and innovative technical solutions. To date, MAC has delivered 225 leading edge product developments, 35 Web/online services, 175 process applications, 470 consultancy projects, 29 pan-European technology development consortia and 3,000 new idea evaluations. These have enabled the growth of several multi-million Euro companies. We have completed numerous evaluations, studies and outsourced R&D projects for European companies where we act as the innovator and designer of their future services and product set. As an SME, the focus of MAC’s commercial work is on the further development and extension of its ICT technologies and IP developed mainly in EU and other RTD projects, with products and services that include:

  • Central Web Server providing System Management and Reporting from all networked sensors, in a user-friendly, user-definable and flexible decision-support reporting format, accessible on any web-browser. Being based on a standard RDBMS and .Net web-services, the server allows ease of configuration, integration of users’ legacy sensor systems’ data and interfacing to users’ legacy management systems.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks of MAC’s open IEEE802.15.4/Zigbee low-power low-cost lowmaintenance communications/sensor nodes which reliably mesh communicate with each other, local staff and to the wide-area GPRS/GSM data communications infrastructure.
  • INSPIRE-compliant data and metadata for open interoperability and citizens engagement.
  • Smart Phone Apps for distributed user interaction, crowdsourcing and engagement of all citizens.
  • Products for citizens’ engagement and people with special needs, as well as distributed water quality monitoring and control in the environment sector.
  • Hopefully GAME-Abling Plus will be MAC’s next citizens engagement service product in 2018.
  • The parallel activity of the company in working with entrepreneurs, SMEs, and administrations to deliver operational solutions, grounds this work in the real commercial world ensuring that MAC’s staff is a focused team of highly flexible, motivated, responsive, pragmatic and experienced technical, research and project management experts, who can both manage distributed outsourced development teams and its own in-house technical staff.

MAC is continuously driven by excellence in the application and exploitation of leading-edge software, electronics and communications technologies. To ensure that its technology is always state-of-the-art, and that the MAC Team are continuously improving their excellence in its application and management, MAC partners with the some of the World’s best organisations in a number of European and National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) development projects. MAC is particularly strong in managing distributed development teams in those organisations for on-time and on-budget delivery of such technical developments. Building on its strong project management, experience of productising technology applications and distributed systems development expertise, MAC has participated in many EU and RTD projects that have provided the core technologies and IP of its commercial products and services.

Working in these projects with networks of partners across Europe has allowed MAC to see the future trends, and bring to bear the latest technologies and research methodologies to the solutions that it creates for our own products and solutions. They have enabled MAC to work with the prime movers across Europe and see at first hand the opportunities, trends and markets for Information Communications Technologies over the coming years. As part of this activity, MAC has gained a huge experience in innovation management, productisation and exploitation of project results, total project management, successful completion and delivery of complex technical systems and solutions, Information Communications Technologies’ applications evaluations and studies, and the development and management of distributed project consortia.

eu_logo This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 732363